Our mission at GSG RECRUITER. is to place top candidates in high profile homes, Nannies and Staffing supports the happy and healthy growth of families globally.

GSG RECRUITER. and Household Staffing is a premier staffing and placement agency serving Southern California, Los Angeles select locations around the United States.

Our services include Nannies, temporary placements, Newborn Care Specialists, Baby Nurses, Personal and Executive Assistants, On-call babysitting (home, hotel, or on location) Personal Chefs, Personal Trainers, House/Estate Managers and Formal Butlers, and Housekeepers.  GSG RECRUITER has one of the most rigorous screening processes in the industry that is in line with APNA standards which leaves GSG RECRUITER with the very best candidates for our clients.  We also personally interview every candidate.   GSG’s team of professionals are able to find the right fit for our clients’ household or in a corporate setting.  We understand that every client has their our set of needs, and know how important it is to find the “right fit”.  We pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know you and provide you with – a Very Important Person!

GSG Recruiter is a professional Employment Agency in Los Angeles, founded in 2010. Our agency has the most stringent screening process in the industry, and refers applicants only after a senior counselor personally deems them qualified. The candidates must endure a six-page questionnaire, and are screened by appearance, manners, attitude, language ability, job permanency, work history, education and more, before being approved to enter our applicant database.

All applicants, generally, prior to accepting a job offer, must undergo a Criminal Background Investigation performed by an independent PI company, a National Sex Offender Screening, show CPR Certification (or be willing to take classes), present current Driving Record, provide excellent Verifiable References, be willing to take a TB test (or any other required by the employers), and show immaculate grooming and hygiene.

Contact us at (323) 402-0059 to find out more information about our domestic help services or fill out an application today! Or visit us in our offices located at: 1726 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles CA. 90006

GSG Recruiter es una agencia profresonial de empleo en Los Angeles, Fundada en el 2010. Nuestra agencia tiene el proceso de selección más estricto en la industria, y se refiere solicitantes sólo después de que un asesor profesional considere a el aplicante calificado para el trabajo a desempeñar. Los candidatos deben pasar por un cuestionario de seis páginas, son también calificados en base a la apariencia, los modales, la actitud, la capacidad lingüística, la permanencia de trabajo, historial de trabajo, la educación y más, antes de ser aprobado para entrar en nuestra base de dato como empleado.

Todos los solicitantes, por lo general, antes de aceptar una oferta de trabajo, deben someterse a una investigación de antecedentes penales realizado por una compañía de PI independiente, historial de la base de datos nacional para la detección de delincuente sexual, mostrar Certificación de RCP (o estar dispuesto a tomar clases), corriente actual registro de conducir, proporcionar excelentes referencias profesionales comprobables, estar dispuesto a tomar una prueba de TB (o cualquier otro requerido por los empleadores), y mostrar una higiene personal impecable.
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1726 S. Vermont Ave. Los Ángeles, California. 90006 TER cares deeply about you and is committed to not only placing you with the ideal household staff, but making the process easy, seamless and fun.

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